What will you do if you get caught in a thunderstorm?

  It’s important to check the weather before starting out on your hike.  This is a view from a trail climbing to Hunter mountain.  Storms were coming up from the south and here the sky is getting darker as we were climbing.  Sometimes a thunderstorm will strike up out of nowhere it seems while you are on the trail.  Today, I knew that storms were predicted, but my hiking buddy and I were determined to hike anyway.  We had our rain gear with us, rain ponchos, extra shirt layer, hats, gloves, extra socks, plastic bags.  We were hiking along Hunter Mountain, the 2nd highest mountain in the Catskills.  We had a map and saw where the lean-tos were (very important to note if rain is coming).  We had just passed the lean-to when the trail got really dark.  A crack of thunder crashed over our heads and we ran back to the lean-to, and just in time!   The sky opened up and rain, hail, thunder and lightning were upon us.  We were joined by a couple and a dog.  Shortly after the couple, 2 other hikers appeared.  We all shared the lean-to and when the rain stopped, we parted.  My hiking buddy and I knew that the car was about 2 hours away.  My nervous energy got us back to the car in about 1 hour 15 minutes.  Here is a website that I’d like you to review.  It’s no fun being caught in a thunderstorm, especially if you are very high up on the mountain.  http://www.hikingdude.com/hiking-lightning.shtml


Hello Hiking 101 Class!

Welcome to Hiking 101! 

A required learning activity in this online course is that you set up a blog and keep it as a “reflections” journal to document what you are thinking about and learning in this course. I would encourage you to post anything about what you have learned on your hikes about yourself, others, the surroundings and share your hiking experiences.  I will do the same on my blog and I will continue to develop it as we move through the online course.  So check back here frequently!  I’ll be building a list of important resources on my blog.

Thanks for joining me!

Happy Trails! 

Geralynn Demarest